Swan Haven Soap near Petaluma CA makes all natural hand-crafted soaps and bath products including Beer Soap for Lagunitas Brewing Company - Petaluma, CA and Chicago, IL

Swan Haven's custom  'Beer Soap' has been an exciting venture since October 2013.  Lagunitas Brewing Company is ordering Beer Soap for both their Petaluma and Chicago Breweries.  To date a few local craft breweries have ordered hand-crafted soap made from a selection of their finest brews and grains.

     'Activated Charcoal/AC Soaps' benefit your skin due to their absorption powers by drawing out oil, dirt and other harmful substances out from within clogged pores to the surface of the skin. This can help you to achieve a flawless complexion. Lather up and let it sit for a while on your face. Then rinse it away with clean water and your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and free of impurities. 'Ol' Smokey' is an unscented 'Bare Bar'.

'Black Beauty' is scented with Gardenia.

Cinder Loofah has Tea Tree essential oil, shredded loofah and AC. With it's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, this makes an excellent cleansing bar. my Gardener's Bar if you will.

2017 - 4th AC soap: Ebony Scrub,

Unscented, w/blended oatmeal.

2019- 5th AC soap: Clean Sweep,

Lemongrass essential oil

2021 -6th AC soap: Black Swan

Lavender essential oil

Fire-fighters, restaurant workers and livestock farmers tell us that smoke, grease and manure smells have been removed from their hair and skin after using our 'Activated Charcoal/AC Soaps'. Please let us know what you've experienced.​

Custom Soap for a Local Business!  Since December 2014 Swan Haven has been producing soap for LBF.

These bars contain LBF's Honey,

Bees Wax & Lavender Flowers ​

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Swan Haven Soap near Petaluma CA makes all natural hand-crafted soaps and bath products

Brooder House #2

Petaluma, CA

Goats from the Achadinha Cheese Company - Petaluma, CA that make Goat Milk Soaps for Swan Haven Soap

     Swan Haven Soaps are hand-crafted in a renovated  ‘Brooder House’ on Skillman Lane in what remains of Krout’s Pheasant Farm.

It's a lovely setting 5 miles out of town.

In the 1940 - 50's  Petaluma was known as “The Egg Capital of the World”.   Historic Skillman Lane had more independent egg producers on it than any other single road in the world. In 2005, Kathy began hand-crafting a variety of soap scents and shapes, which were given as gifts to her family and friends. In 2010 a business sprung from a hobby. And, the rest as they say is 'Her-Story'...

Goat Milk Soap ~ Swan Haven has enjoyed making custom soap for Achadinha Cheese Company since June 2014! Goat Milk contains over 50 nutrients, including vitamins A,C, B1, B6, B12 and E that nourish and revitalize dehydrated skin. It's a natural moisturizer! 

     To get the 'gritty' into 'Nitty Gritty Bare Bars', Kathleen turned to shredded loofah. These are fantastic bars of soap for the gardener or mechanic in your life! 'Tea Tree Essential Oil' doubles the goodness with it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, which provide a great assist in getting rid of acne too! 

2016 will see essential oils added to the Loofah Line! Thanks for your feedback!

Swan Haven Soap near Petaluma CA makes all natural hand-crafted soaps and bath products including Ol' Smokey and Black Beauty Activated Charcoal soaps

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